Neon vinyl

K2 neon adhesive vinyl is a kind of self adhesive color vinyl. But it is a little difference between the general colors cut vinyl. The material and usage of neon vinyl are same as ordinary color sign-making film
K2 neon adhesive vinyl is a kind of self adhesive color vinyl. But it is a little difference between the general colors cut vinyl. The material and usage of neon vinyl are same as ordinary color sign-making film, with permanent adhesive; the only difference is that its color is much brighter. K2 is a professional manufacturer of neon vinyl films, fluorescent stickers, neon sign vinyl materials, and neon adhesive vinyl. The product uses a unique colorant system, with excellent visual appeal and excellent opacity, which can provide vivid graphic effects. Neon color vinyl is very suitable for advertising and decoration purposes. It can be used for vinyl cutting plotters, letter and pattern cutting, indoor and outdoor graphic poster signs, wall and glass decoration, home decoration, furniture, car decals, etc.The neon adhesive vinyl can be used in many applications, including windows, car decals, signs, templates, scrap-booking or any permanent application. It can be used indoors, but with a waterproof and weatherproof properties make it an ideal choice for outdoor applications process vinyl.If you are interested, please contact us for free.

● Specification

Item No.


Face Film



neon adhesive vinyl


120g paper


Premium neon adhesive vinyl


140g paper

● Advantage 

✔ Short-term durability and outdoor performance

✔ Bright colors, strong outdoor weather resistance

✔ Easy to cut and weed

● Color chart:

 neon vinyl

● Shelf life:

3 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%

● Durability:

2years service life outdoor, and correct substrate preparation and maintenance of vinyl will enhance durability.

Frequently asked questions
What is difference between general color cut vinyl and neon vinyl?
The major difference is the color.  Neon vinyl is more vivid color than general color vinyl.

Will it glow at night?
Neon vinyl will not shine at night. We have luminous film series which can glow at night, if you need, please contact our sales team for samples.

How long can the neon color last?
It depends on the solution.  Outdoor life of 1000series is 1year. 2000series 2years.

How to install it?
Cut and stick on the surface, very easy.

Is this neon vinyl suitable for sticking to the car?
Yes. The neon adhesive vinyl is suitable for car decals.

Can I get some samples before ordering?
Yes, samples are provided free of charge.

How to buy?
Contact with K2 sales team by email .  K2 team will give you feedback within 8 hours

Why K2?
K2 is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of neon vinyl film in China. We can produce high-quality neon adhesive vinyl film at a competitive price, and we can always provide you with sales products. Welcome to wholesale products from us.
▶ We have good research and development capabilities
▶ We have strict quality control system
▶ We provide quality products and quality services
▶ We provide customers with high-quality and customized products
▶ We have more than 10 years of experience in the adhesive vinyl industry
▶ We have products with competitive prices


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