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Latex One Way Vision Vinyl

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Update time : 2021-01-07 10:21:26
Latex One Way Vision Vinyl is a special structure of perforated window graphics. The characteristic of the Latex One Way Vision Vinyl is that it can withstand ultra-high temperatures during the printing process, so the product can be printed with HP latex printers and is compatible with solvents, ECO, UV printers, and inks.
Specially designed for HP latex printers.
Can be printed by ECO, solvent, UV, and Hp latex.
Double PE 2layer liner, High-temperature resistance during printing.
Strong adhesion and tear resistance.
Soft vinyl (28Pa hardness) is suitable for arched glass surface.
Easy to install and disassemble, no glue residue after disassembly.

Latex One Way Vision Vinyl
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