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Name Labels for Clothing

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Update time : 2021-05-28 17:35:33

What is a Name Labels for Clothing?

The children's clothing label adopts a common name sticker, and the children's clothing can be easily distinguished when washing. Of course, name stickers are not only suitable for cloth labels, but also children’s stationery boxes, shoes, pens, etc.

How to affix non-iron clothing labels?
The usual name sticker material is a branding type, that is, an electric soldering iron is used to paste the sticker on the cloth label through ultra-high temperature. The advantage of this ironing method is that it can be well combined with the surface of the cloth label. But the disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to operate, and for some clothes that are not resistant to high temperatures, it may even damage the clothes.
What are the characteristics of K2's clothing label?
K2 is coated with a high-strength adhesive on the back of the label, which has very good adhesion. It can be used even on the surface of the cloth, textile or plastic, and glass. It will not fall off easily. And the clothing label provided by K2 can be put into the washing machine and dryer for washing without pollution and harm.
Does K2 provide name stickers or raw materials for name stickers?
K2 is not a direct name sticker provider. TK01 non-iron clothing label is a large-width and high-viscosity self-adhesive film, 1.37 meters (54 inches) wide, and can be printed with Eco, solvent-based UV, or Latex printers. After printing, you can use a lettering machine to cut labels of any shape. Paste The type installation is very convenient and can be disassembled.
TK01 is a safe material based on Europe Reach, Rohs, and Ca65 certification.

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