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Printable Reflective Car Wrap vinyl

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Update time : 2021-05-24 17:25:03
RK30 is a self-adhesive vinyl material with lined reflective car wrap graphics. It is mainly used for vehicle packaging and advertising warning signs. The highlight of this printable reflective vinyl packaging film of RK30 is that it is soft as a whole and can be covered on an arched surface.
 It adopts a glass bead reflection type and has a reflectivity of more than 60CPL. The structure of this reflective film is with a removable solvent adhesive and anti-curl backing paper, coated with a high-strength adhesive to ensure that it is installed on the vehicle surface without falling, and does not leave glue after removal. This printable reflective vinyl packaging film is compatible with solvent, ECO, UV, and Hp Latex printers.
High reflectivity exceeding 60 CPL.
Large format size can reach 478 inches (1.22m)
It is compatible with Latex, ECO, UV, and Solvent digital printers and offset screen printers.
Soft and malleable reflective vinyl, suitable for flat and curved surfaces
Excellent dimensional stability, no shrinkage
Removable adhesive, leaving no glue after removal

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