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Wrap Cast Vinyl

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Update time : 2021-06-04 15:00:21
K2 is a professional supplier of self-adhesive vinyl film products. This Wrap Cast Sticker is a vinyl product specially used for vehicle color change or packaging bonding.
Wrap Cast Vinyl’s characteristic is that it has a certain degree of extensibility and can be stretched. The overall material is very soft and can perfectly fit the uneven and streamlined surface of the vehicle. The back uses an air-guiding grooved adhesive, which can easily remove air during the pasting process. Ensure that there will be no air bubbles remaining after installation.
1. The air guide groove ensures that no air remains during installation
2. It has good ductility and perfectly fits the uneven surface of the vehicle
3. Suitable for environmental protection and solvents. UV and latex printing
4. Outdoor service life is up to 3 years
5. Castable vinyl, the overall material is soft

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