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About Us
About Us

► Focus on PSA Products

Who we are?
Great K2 Industry is a professional manufacturer specializing in self adhesive products and coating products in China. With ten years of professional production experience and continuous improvement, K2 products have been sold to over 40 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, South America, Australia, and the Middle East. Based on strict quality control standards, K2 has become the partner of many famous multinational companies. K2’s commits to provide innovative and customized products, services and total solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for clients. 
We believe that production is not just the producing itself, but adjusting, optimizing and improving. Therefore, we continuously adjust and improve our production process, quality control system and working flow to provide high quality and stable products to benefit both our customers and us.

What we do?
Through continuous innovation, K2 has created many firsts in the industry. The first Chinese CAST product, the first Super HIGH-TACK product, the first Asphalt graphics SAV, the first R12 Anti-slip graphics, the first High-gloss 5year Polymeric color sign vinyl with a high gloss rate over than 80, the first Printable METALLIC self adhesive vinyl, the first stick on label materials, the first supplier of soft self adhesive textile canvas product, the first removable Ultra-Clear printable window graphics film, the first dichroic film into market etc. Continuous innovation and development of new products is one of K2's key competitiveness. 
K2 products covers a wide range of digital printing products, from Sign industry to special label, from industrial supplies to household items, from outdoor to indoor, from ECO, solvent media to water-based, Latex, and UV printing media.  
Now, K2 has developed total over 300 different products such as Self adhesive vinyl (Digital printing self adhesive vinyl, One way vision, Color sign vinyl, Building wall sticker, Cold lamination film, Car wrap film, Floor graphics lamination etc ); Reflective graphics; PET media ( Front print backlit film, Back print backlit film, Gray back PET film, Transparent PET film); PP material (Solvent PP, Waterproof PP) ; Display rigid PVC; Printable self adhesive art-canvas etc, and continue to bring new products into the market, such as Wall textile graphics, TPU protective film, Asphalt anti-slip road graphics etc.

Great K2, Great Idea for product
Great K2, Great Value:      Provide high quality and customized products
Great K2, Great Service:   Satisfy customers with our professional service
Great K2, Great Partner:   Mutual benefits and grows together with our partners
Great K2, Great Quality:   Never provide low-quality products is our eternal toilet


► Total Quality Contral System

K2 has more than 40 quality control items from raw material standard formulating, purchasing and producing to quality inspection and shipment. By implementation of the full process of quality management, quality is not just about the QC department, but everyone. The person in process is not just a worker or manager, but quality controller. High and stable quality products not just benefit our customers but us.

All of K2 QC processes strictly follow the standards and norms of international FINAT Test Methods for Self-adhesive material,GB, and K2 internal specification etc based on ISO. Make sure the nice performance of the film color range, anti-UV performance, tear resistance, anti-aging, dimensional stability, ink absorption receptivity, adhesive's & removable performance and moisture-proof of liner paper under long-term storage conditions etc.

Now, just a batch number of each roll, K2 can track all the record of raw material, equipments, operator of every process, producing condition and time,testing records and other information to ensure that the quality of every roll product can be controlled and can be traced back.


► Product Positioning

We firmly believe that good quality and competitive prices is the key point to winning the market. We also firmly believe that high-quality products are not equal to high-priced products, and low-priced products are not equal to low-quality products. Therefore, in the stage of the design of each product, we have considered the price factor already. Providing products that meet design standards and absolutely competitive price is one of the key factors to benefit our customers. Therefore, from the product design stage, we optimize the product plan to ensure the price competitiveness while ensuring product quality high level performance. In the product production stage, we provide optimization of production process and management improvement to provide finished product rate and reduce scrap rate. Therefore, from R&D to production, while maintaining the same level of high quality, our product prices are relatively competitive.


► Customization and R&D

Providing customized products and developing new products based on customers demand are our core ability. We can carry out product development and customization according to customer’s detail requirement. Customization is not only limited to printing customers' company logos on products or package, but also in-depth development according to customers' specific demand. In order to support this ability, we have not only established our own R&D department and our laboratories, but also worked with third-party institutions and several universities and research institutions to improve our product development capabilities.
After the product development plan is confirmed, first we will make the sample in the laboratory after finishing research, and then provide lab samples to customers for testing. And we will do the improvement based on customer feedback. After the customer confirms the sample, we will conduct small batch production to eliminate the problems that may occur in large batch production, and at this stage, formulate the product production process and quality control items. After the small batch production is completed, we enter the mass production stage.

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