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HK311GR printable cast vinyl wrap material is a premium opaque self adhesive vinyl which is designed for use in partial wrapping and full body wrapping of vehicle sign graphics. Due to the use of cast vinyl and high tack adhesive, it can be used not only

As one of cast vinyl manufacturers and suppliers, K2’s HK311GR printable cast vinyl wrap material is a premium opaque self adhesive vinyl which is designed for use in partial wrapping and full body wrapping of vehicle sign graphics. Because of the cast technology, the shrink rate of this cast wrap vinyl product is almost no shrink, and good stretch and tear resistance performance. Furthermore, because cast film is soft and has a memory function, it is very suitable for the construction of large curved surfaces and uneven surfaces, for example the rearview mirror wrapping, bumper to bumper and the elevator handrail.

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Due to the use of low initial adhesive, the installation is very easy, and even if the installation is wrong operation, it can be easily removed and reinstalled again. Because the cast wrap vinyl has a high tack retention force, it is firmly bonded to the installation surface after pasting. Even if it is an edge or a large curved surface, no edge warping will occur. The adhesive of this cast vinyl wrap material uses light gray adhesive with high cover rate (Block rate over 99.9%), so the masking performance is good. The bottom paper is a bubble free type, so no bubbles will be generated during installation, the installation efficiency will be high and the workers' skill requirements are relatively low.

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Because HK311GR cast vinyl wrap material liner structure is 2PE backing paper, it is anti-curling even if humid climatic conditions. In addition, the 2PE liner structure of this cast vinyl can withstand high temperature processing conditions, and can be printed by HP latex printer besides ECO, solvent, and UV printing way. The maximum width is 1.52 meters (60 inches), so for ultra-wide vehicles, full body wrap can be operated without seams.

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In addition to wrap vehicle, HK311GR can also be applied to walls, offices, homes such as home desktops, and other occasions. Detailed specifications and parameters are as follows.

● Specification
Item No. Name Film liner Width
HK311GR Air egress printable cast vinyl 60um 140gsm air channel 2PE paper 1.52m (60inch)

✔ Width: 1.37/1.52m. (54/60 inch)

✔ Length: 50m, 50Yd or customized

✔ Suggestion:  LK301 Cast lamination series to work together.

Technical data

Film Composition White Cast vinyl
Thickness 60±5 um GB/T6672-2001
Dimensional Stability Max 0.5mm (48 hours at 70°C,Aluminium plate, MD)
Adhesive Adhesive Type Solvent, pressure sensitive
Color grey
Removable ability Removable
Thickness 20±2 g/m2
Initial Adhesion(20min) 10±2 N/in
180°Peelstrength(steel, 24hrs) 17±2 N/in
Liner Type 2PE coating silicon paper, textured
Air egress Yes
Weight 140g/m2
SA rate >85%


✔ 60mic cast vinyl film

✔ Anti-tearing, Zero shrink, Nice performance for uneven and arched surfaces wrapping

✔ Bubble free, fast installation

✔ Over 6years life

✔ Large format 54” and 60”

✔ Grey block-out adhesive, excellent light block ability

✔ Solvent/ECO, UV and HP Latex printer compatible


Shelf life:

2 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative
humidity of 50~55%



Frequently asked questions

Is HK311GR a real cast vinyl?

Yes, it is real cast vinyl, and printable.

Is K2 a cast vinyl supplier?

Yes, we are the printable self adhesive cast vinyl supplier.

Can it be printed by HP Latex printer?

Yes, This printable cast vinyl can be printed by HP latex printer.

What is the width?

Standard size is 54inch (1.37m).  We can support 60inch(1.52m) also.

Is it removable adhesive?

It is removable

How adaptable is the big corner?

Our adhesive is a kind of high tack glue with low tack initial, plus Cast vinyl, so it is very suitable for big corners

Do you support sample?

Yes, please contact with K2 sales team to tack printable cast vinyl samples

What is the leadtime?

About 14days

Why us ?


We are the professional self adhesive cast vinyl manufacturers. We have more than ten years of production experience, and focus on the research and development and production of self adhesive materials. From product development to production, from raw materials checking to manufacturing process, we have over 40 quality controlling items. We have strict control standards to ensure that our customers are provided with high quality and high stability products. So what you get is not only a stable high level product, but also a product with an absolutely competitive price.


Is HK311GR cast vinyl expensive?  No.
We are the source producer. Price is the main point of competition for this product, so it is not only inexpensive, but also very good.


Is HK311GR high quality and stable?
The quality concept of K2 is always stable and reliable. We are responsible for all defective products. We welcome all potential customers to test our products, if you need samples, please contact our sales team

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If you need to know more about the HK311GR product, or need samples, or need to customize your product, please contact our sales team. Leave your message below of send email to sale@greatk2.com. They will reply to you very quickly.  

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