Dichroic film

LKCH01 dichroic film is an ultra clear chameleon magical color effect window film. People can see different colors in different angels under the sunlight. This dichroic film glass surface application is a self adhesive type, easy to install and remove. Be
LKCH01 dichroic film is a chameleon effect self adhesive window film. The substrate of this product is coated a kind of dichroic coating on the optical clear PET surface, and the backside is self-adhesive glue, easy installation, and wide-format till to 1.27meter (50inch).

Item No. Name Film liner
LKCH01 dichroic filmfor laminated glass 40 Micron  PET

ü Width: 1.27m (50inch)
ü Length: Customized
ü Packing: Strong carton box

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The key feature of this dichroic window film is that people can see different colors in different angels under the sunlight. Its colors are magic and bright under the light, beautiful. Besides, the dichroic film glass plays a role in privacy protection function. The dichroic film is widely used on home window, restaurant window or glass door, office window, building glass. It will look beautiful.
dichroic window film
Not just the decoration of dichroic film glass, this dichroic window film can also be used on the surface of the sign graphics and the store signboard to increase the colorful effect.
dichroic film glassdichroic filmfor laminated glass
The LCH01 dichroic film has the following features.

ü The dichroci film can show different colors in different angles at sunlight. It has a magical chameleon effect, like a rainbow.
ü Width format (50inch), suitable for large-format glass, no splicing
ü Transparent, so people in the room don't feel sealed. Magic colorful, so privacy protection for indoor personnel
ü Improve the safety rate. Once the dichroci film glass is hit or broken, it can stick the fragments and reduce the secondary damage to people inside and also outside.
ü Widely using for home, shop, malls glass window, glass curtain wall, office decoration, Signage, etc.
ü Non-vinyl products, completely environmentally friendly

Shelf life:
3 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative
humidity of 50~55%

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