Printable frosted window film

WF01 printable frosted window film is a type of self adhesive vinyl frosted window film. The key point of this decorative window film is frosted translucent surface, and can be printed by most large format printer to be any picture, and can also be made i
WF01 frosted window film is a printable decorative window film for windows or glass doors. The structure of this frosted glass film is that the surface is a frosted translucent vinyl film, and the back of film is environmentally friendly self adhesive glue, and the backside is a release liner. The wide width of this frosted glass window film is 48 inches. It can be printed with solvent, ECO or UV printer, the picture effect is vivid.

● Specification
Item No. Name Width Liner
WF01 Printable frosted window film 0.61m,1.22m(24", 48") 120g art paper(83lb)
decorative window film

The market position of the frosted window film is for decorative graphics on glass windows, glass doors etc. Widely used for home, office and shop glass decoration and sign graphics.
frosted glass film

This frost window graphics is very easy to install, and simple video guidance, everyone can install it on the glass surface easily. Due to the use of self-adhesive instead of static electricity, this vinyl window graphics is firmly bonded to the glass and won’t fall off forever, and easy to be removed also.

Because WF01 frosted window film uses a semi-transparent frosted film, it not only has a perspective effect so that people inside do not feel visually impaired, but also has a certain privacy protection function. It is both beautiful and perspective and guarantees privacy. So it can also be called frosted privacy window film.
frosted glass window film    frosted privacy window film
● Advantage

This frosted glass window film has the following advantage. For more detail or samples, please contact with K2 sales team

✔ Designed for window/glass decoration and signs

✔ Translucent frost fog surface, privacy protection and beautification

✔ Easily be cut into any shape

✔ Printable by Eco, Solvent, UV, latex printer

✔ Large format width 48inch (1.22meter)

✔ Easy cutting, installing and removing

● Package

The whole roll of the decorative window film is super corrugated carton box to ensure that it will not be damaged during transportation
carton_frost window film

● Shelf life:

3 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%

● Durability:

Over 5years service life interior, and correct substrate preparation and maintenance of vinyl will enhance durability.

Why us ?
1.Technology ability

Normal the frosted glass film has the following disadvantages:  Either can’t be printed, or it is not so easy to install, or its edge is easy fall off after installation for a long time, or its frost window graphics face is not good-looking, or the flatness of film is not good and hard to install, or it is easily faded after long-term using. WF01 resolved all the above problems. So you will get a perfect frosted window decoration product.
The following is this vinyl window graphics product technical datasheet for your reference. If you have more technical questions, please contact K2 sales team by your email, they will help you to connect with our engineers for the further services.




frosted translucent soft vinyl film

Thickness of vinyl

120±5 um  GB/T6672-2001

Dimensional Stability

Max 0.5mm (48 hours at 70°C,Aluminium plate, MD)    FTM14


Adhesive Type

Clearsolvent, pressure sensitive

Removable ability

Permanent  (Removable can be chosen WF01-R)



Initial Adhesion(2mins)


180 degree Peel (24hr)




Single PE coating silicon art paper, Textured



SA rate


Is this frosted window graphics expensive? No
We are the manufacturer. Because K2 target customer’s position are distributors and digital printing manufacturer, the cost is taken into account when we begin to design the product. High-quality products do not mean high prices. Our materials are not expensive.

Please contact with K2 sales team. Samples are always available for you.

4.What more can our customer get?
Our philosophy is that a sample is not just a sample, and the goods are not just the goods themselves. What you can get is not just from sales person, but from the whole K2 team. The sales is just the person who you connect with, the whole K2 team will serves you. If you want to solve the technical problems, K2’s engineers will support you. If you want your customized product, K2’s R&D center will serve you. Professional service is one of K2’s core competences.

We are manufacturer instead of re-seller. So, generally we don’t do stock or just small stock. Our lead-time is related to the order quantity and season (Some sales season, the lead-time is a little longer). So, you’d better to contact with K2 sales to confirm the detail lead-time. They will give you the professional service

More about K2
K2 believes that even if we have good intentions, but if we do not have a good research and development ability, we still can’t meet the special requirements of customers and can’t catch the new market opportunity, thus we won’t grow. Therefore, we not only set up our own R&D center, but also established good relations with several university research institutions and third-party cooperative companies. And we pushed into the market many new good products, for example, the Road sticker, the first Cast graphics vinyl, and the first printable mirror metallic film etc. We’d like to share our R&D ability with our customers to grow together.

2.Service ability
K2 believes that the product itself is a kind of service, but the product itself is not equal to the whole service. We believe that service is not just about sales man or sales department, but about all K2 team. So, choosing K2 is equal to choosing a team to serve you.

The certificate does not represent the whole our capability, but part of the approval of 3rd party organizations. Therefore, we provide the following certificates for your reference: Reach SVHC, CA65, SGS ROHS, HP Latex, TUV anti-slipping level. If you need special certificates for your customized products, we are willing to provide customization for you. Just contact with K2 sales team and you'll get feedback quickly.