Printable air egress vinyl

Normal large format self adhesive vinyl products will lock the air inside during installation, so air bubbles will be generated. If there are bubbles, it will not only affect the aesthetics of the product after installation, but also affect the performanc

K2 air egress vinyl is a wide format self adhesive vinyl that can be printed by a solvent Eco UV or HP Latex printer. Since air is easily exhausted during installation, many products of this series are used in car wrap, so it is also called air egress vinyl wrap media.
K2 air egress vinyl covers many series. According to the difference of materials, it can be divided into Monomeric, 5years life Polymeric, and Cast solutions. According to different printing methods, the air egress vinyl can be divided into the general Solvent, Eco, UV series, and HP latex printer printing series. According to the glue, it can be divided into permanent and removable series. According to the surface of the material, it can be divided into glossy, matte series, etc.
No matter what kind of product series, they have some common characteristics. As follows

✔ Bubble free textured release liner, fast installation

✔ Wide format size: 1.27m, 1.37 and 1.52m(60inch)

✔ Printable by Solvent, Eco and UV printer. (Some types can be printed by HP latex printer)

✔ Glossy /Matte, Clear/Grey/Black adhesive, Permanent/Removable can be chosen


Item No. Name Vinyl Liner Ink & printer
HK112 Glossy air egress vinyl 100mic 140g Solvent, ECO, UV
HK112M Matte air egress vinyl 100mic 140g Solvent, ECO, UV
HK112G Glossy air egress vinyl – Grey adhesive 100mic 140g Solvent, ECO, UV
HK212 Glossy air egress vinyl -HP latex printable 100mic 140g 2PE Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex
HK212M Matte air egress vinyl -HP latex printable 100mic 140g 2PE Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex

monomeric air egress vinyl


Item No.




Ink & printer


Polymeric air egress vinyl



Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex


Premium polymeric air egress vinyl


140g 2PE

Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex

● Customized ability
✔ Glossy/Matte

✔ Clear/grey/black adhesive

✔ Removable/permanent

✔ 1PE/ 2PE paper liner

● Shelf life:

3 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%

● Durability:

5years service life outdoor, and correct substrate preparation and maintenance of vinyl will enhance durability.
polymeric air egress vinyl



Item No.




Ink & printer


Cast air egress vinyl car wrap material



Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex

✔ Air channel, Bubble free, fast installation✔ 60micron Cast film Self-healing

✔ Grey blockout adhesive, excellent light block ability

✔ Excellent ability for uneven and arched surfaces wrapping

✔ Printed by Solvent/ECO,UV and Latex printer

✔ Permanent or Removable can be chosen for different application solution

✔ Based on Europe TUV REACH SVHC certification, and HP latex certification

cast air egress vinyl


Frequently asked questions
 Does air egress vinyl have tunnel on the release paper or glue with tunnel? 
Due to the protrusions on the release paper, an air guide groove will be formed on the surface of the glue after coating, so that air can be removed from the air groove during installation.

 Is air egress vinyl designed for the purpose of air egress vinyl car wrap? 
No. Only premium polymeric and cast air egress vinyl is designed for vehicle wrapping. Monomeric is designed for fast installation market.

Will the air tunnel be exposed on the surface and affect the smooth of the surface?
Our air tunnel uses new technology, so there will be no lines on the surface of the film.

Can all types be printed by HP latex printer?
No. Monomeric HK212 series, Polymeric and Cast can be printed by HP latex printer. Other types can be printed by Solvent, Eco, UV printer.

Is the glue permanent or removable?
It depends on your requirement, both permanent and removable adhesive is no problem.

Is the coverage of the product good?
If you want high blockout product, grey adhesive is better. All the above types can be made to be grey adhesive.

What about the quality?
We have over 40items QC items. High level product

Are you responsible for quality issues
Yes. If it is our products quality, We are responsible and compensate.

Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
Samples are provided free of charge. Please contact with K2 sales team for sample. 

What is the leadtime for the clear adhesive vinyl?
The standard delivery time for transparent vinyl is 20 working days after the order is placed, excluding shipping days.

Why K2?
As a professional adhesive vinyl manufacturer, K2 specializes in self-adhesive large format digital printing media. We have high-quality products and high-quality services. Our professional team with business experience will ensure that you get incredible products at reasonable prices and satisfy customers to the maximum. If you have any questions, please contact our team and send an email to