Printable Aluminum back concrete graphics film

This self adhesive concrete graphics film has a high-tack solvent press sensitive adhesive that can stick very well Knot to flat or slightly rough concrete and asphalt surfaces. The outdoor concrete graphics film has the high level Anti-slip RK12 and RK13

The Aluminum back concrete graphics self adhesive film is a printable large format printing medium, a anti-slip film made of aluminum foil with a white coating on its surface. The concrete floor graphics material is compatible with most ink printers, and the concrete floor graphics can accept Eco, solvents, latex and UV inks. The surface has built-in slip resistance without the need for coating. It can be pasted on almost any surface, and it can be cut into any shape, making graphics suitable for many applications. The outdoor concrete graphics can be used for sidewalks, parking lots, public places near large shopping malls, gas stations, and asphalt roads. It can also be installed on external wall surfaces such as brick, plaster and concrete blocks.

● Specification

Item No.


Film thickness


Printing way


Aluminum back concrete graphics


120g/m2 paper

Solvent, ECO, UV,LATEX


concrete floor graphics


120g/m2 paper

Solvent, ECO, UV,LATEX

● Advantage

✔ Aluminum foil back, perfectly combined with the floor ground or wall surface

✔ R12 grade Anti-slip (WK09),  R13 grade Anti-slip (WK11)

✔ Compatible with solvent, Eco, UV and latex printing

✔ High tack adhesive, perfectly combined with Asphalt surface

✔ The coating has reflective function, the graphics can be seen at night

✔ Not easily be damaged during using

 concrete graphics

Frequently asked questions
Where is the concrete graphics usually attached?
It can be easy to apply to all kinds of rough surfaces like concrete, stone, asphalt, and brick

Is this concrete floor graphics anti-slip?
Yes. It is high level anti-slip and resistant to wear, R12 and R13 level

Does this outdoor concrete graphics need to be covered with cold laminating film?
No, it can be pasted directly after printing, no need to apply cold laminating film

Are you support samples?
Yes, please contact with K2 sales team for free sample.

Are you factory?
Yes, K2 is the manufacturer of asphalt graphics material.

What about its quality? 
We have over forty quality management standards, and we are responsible for quality issues.

Is the package strong?
We use super imported AB corrugated boxes, which can withstand overweight pressure and ensure that the goods will not be damaged and damp during transportation

How to buy?
Contact with K2 sales team by email .  K2 team will give you feedback within 8 hours