Printable optically clear adhesive film

K2's optically clear adhesive film is an ultra-transparent film with printable PVC. It is ideal for applications such as printing window graphics or decorative decals that require removable ultra-transparent films.

The optically clear adhesive film is an ultra-transparent graphic film with high gloss and high transparent surface. HK series optically clear vinyl is composed of a smooth monomer transparent film and a transparent removable adhesive, and a PET lining. For internal or external installation on glass surfaces.This kind of optically clear vinyl can be printed with Eco solvent UV and HP latex wide format printers.

● Specification

Item No.


Film thickness


Printing way


Latex Printable optically clear adhesive film


120mic PET

Solvent, ECO, UV,LATEX


Printable optically clear adhesive film


75mic PET

Solvent, ECO, UV

● Advantage

✔ Easy to print

✔ High gloss finish

✔ Removable adhesive, no glue leaving behind after removing.

✔ PET liner.

 Optically clear adhesive film

Frequently asked questions
Where is the optically clear window film usually attached?
It can be applied on window of bus, shop window

Can it be printed? 
Yes. Optically clear adhesive film is printable with Eco, solvent, UV and latex printer

Is it expensive? 
Not expensive. But optically clear window film is more expensive than ordinary clear film.

Are you support samples?
Yes, please contact with K2 sales team for free sample.

Are you factory?
Yes, K2 is the manufacturer of asphalt graphics material.

What about its quality? 
We have over forty quality management standards, and we are responsible for quality issues.

Is the package strong?
We use super imported AB corrugated boxes, which can withstand overweight pressure and ensure that the goods will not be damaged and damp during transportation

How to buy?
Contact with K2 sales team by email .  K2 team will give you feedback within 8 hours