Printable reflective vinyl

RK10, RK11 printable reflective vinyl is one of many specialty self adhesive vinyl. Its surface is the reflective vinyl, and the backside of the vinyl is strong solvent adhesive which can be used outdoor, and the liner is 160g double PE liner.

RK series printable reflective vinyl is not self-luminous but reflective. Under normal daylight conditions, its characteristics are not obvious. It is specially designed to be seen at night when it is attacked by artificial light (such as artificial light from car headlights). This printable reflective vinyl can be used in many applications, such as car decals and signs. Its weatherproof properties make it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.Its surface is the reflective vinyl, and the backside of the vinyl is strong solvent adhesive which can be used outdoor, and the liner is 160g double PE liner. RK10 is a kind of reflective vinyl printing.Thus it can be printed not just ECO, solvent and UV printer, but also HP Latex printer. Besides printable, this printable reflective vinyl can be cut into a certain shape and applied to any smooth surface such as wall, vehicle etc. The key feature of RK series reflective vinyl is that when light shines on it, it reflects the backlight at night.

● Specification

Item No. Name Face Film


RK10 Printable reflective vinyl PVC+PET 160g 2PE paper Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex
RK11 Printable (Bubble free) reflective vinyl PVC+PET Textured 160g 2PE Solvent, ECO, UV, Latex

● Advantage

Easy for using, strong stickiness, not easy to full

Suitable Solvent/ECO, UV, and HP Latex printing

High surface finish, more durable

Can be customized according to customer needs

Widely used in vehicle stickers, wall stickers, advertising signs, etc.

printable reflective vinyl 



● Shelf life:

3 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%

● Durability:

2years service life outdoor, and correct substrate preparation and maintenance of vinyl will enhance durability.

Frequently asked questions
Are you factory?
Yes, we have the coating liner. K2 is the manufacturer.
Is the product expensive? 
RK series reflective vinyl focuses on price sensitive market. It is not expensive. If the purchase order is more than 15000 USD, you can get the best price in the world.
What about its quality?
We have over forty quality management standards, and we are responsible for quality issues.

What is the product configuration?
RK series printable reflective vinyl uses thick PVC surface film with PET backside, super high tack solvent-based glue, and high-density, high-weight 160g double-coated backing paper.

What is different from other brand printable reflective vinyl?
There is no air tank problem, it can be printed with HP latex printer, and the price is absolutely competitive.

Is RK series same as other China cheap reflective vinyl product?
RK series printable reflective vinyl surface film is thick, and the bottom paper is also made of high-density, non-curling and airless products. Because we have adopted new technology, we saved the auxiliary materials during producing. So our price is cheaper and the product configuration is higher.

Is RK air-free or bubble free?
RK10 is not bubble free, RK11 is bubble free. Price is not same, RK10 is cheaper than RK11.

Is the package strong?
We use super imported AB corrugated boxes, which can withstand overweight pressure and ensure that the goods will not be damaged and damp during transportation

How to buy?
Contact with K2 sales team by email .  K2 team will give you feedback within 8 hours

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