Printable wall graphics vinyl

The BK106 series is a self-adhesive wall vinyl roll. This wall wrap vinyl is characterized by a large width, a matte surface can be selected, and white or transparent can be selected. Self-adhesive, easy to install, no special skills required. Easy to rem

Wall graphics vinyl has grown in popularity these years and is now used widely across graphics industries and decoration. Vinyl wall graphics can be used not only residential but also commercial applications. BK106 series wall vinyl focus on for indoor applications, such as home wall decoration, office wall decoration, shop and restaurant wall etc. The characteristics of this wall wrap vinyl are that it can be printed by most popular large format printer, such as Eco, Solvent, UV and Latex, self adhesive type easy to install vinyl on the wall; no glue left after removing, and good tear strength film.  This wall vinyl sticker material has the high initial adhesive, thus it can fit perfectly with the wall. For different performance effects, BK106 series wall vinyl roll has a variety of products to choose from, such as white and transparent surface, glossy and matte surface etc.

Wall vinyl 

The products come in wall vinyl rolls. The structure of this series vinyl wall decals material is that the surface film is 25pa soft PVC film, and the back is an environmentally friendly adhesive which is specially designed for the wall graphics solution, and the back is release paper. The maximum width of this printable wallpaper product can be 60 inches (1.52m) which can be easily applied to large-format walls without seams. According to different design schemes, BK106 series designs different surface and color coatings for selection.

wall graphics

● Specification:

Item No.





Printable Glossy White vinyl wall graphics

100mic white vinyl

140g paper


Printable Matte White vinyl wall graphics

100mic white vinyl

140g paper


Printable Glossy Transparent wall graphics vinyl

100mic Clear vinyl

140g paper


Printable Matte Transparent l wall graphics vinyl

100mic Clear vinyl

140g paper


Printable White Polymeric wall wrap vinyl

80mic White vinyl(polymeric)

140g paper


Color cut wall vinyl sticker (34colors)

80mic color vinyl

120g paper

✔ Width: 0.61~1.52m

✔ Length: 50m

✔ Adhesive force: over 30N/inch

✔ Packing: Carton Box

✔ Others: Provide customized services

BK series wall vinyl roll material has the following features.

● Advantage

✔ High initial solvent adhesive, stick well with the wall

✔ Easy removed, no glue leaving behind

✔ Suitable for Solvent/ECO digital printing, compatible for UV, HP Latex printer

✔ Reach standard (BK108 polymeric series)

✔ Soft stretchable film, suitable for indented surface and corner

Shelf life:

3 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%
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