Scrim fabric back, Anti- slip, floor/carpet graphics vinyl

WK06 is an anti-slip R11 level self-adhesive material which  is used for interior/exterior floor advertising graphics sign. This anti-slip floor graphics vinyl is designed for interior floor, carpet and short-term outdoor floor.  The highlight of this pro
WK06  self adhesive vinyl floor graphics material is a kind of R11 anti-skid floor stickers. This floor graphics vinyl material is designed for floor graphics, such as covid-19 warning sticker (such as keep distance of COVID-19) or sign advertising, mainly for interior floor, carpet and short-term outdoor floor. For example shop floor, mall floor, office floor etc, and short-term outdoor floor graphics. 
 carpet floor graphics
It can be directly printed with a printer, without laminating.  Earlier  to install.  Even if there is no need for laminating, its anti-slip grade is R11.  Compared with other floor stickers, the key point of this product is to add fabric scrim. 
The addition of the fabric scrim not only increases the thickness of the floor sticker, its material also makes the surface sticker more resistant to tearing. 

Anti-slip floor graphics     floor graphics vinyl
                             Surface                                                                  Backside
● Specification
Item No. Name Material Specification Printer&Ink
WK06 Floor/Carpet graphics vinyl
(Anti-slip, Fabric scrim backside)
Textured vinyl + Fabric scrim 1.37m (54") Eco, Solvent, UV, Latex
✔ Life2 years interior  /  0.5year outdoor
✔ Length50meter ,50yard, or Customized
✔ Packing: Strong carton box
✔ Adhesive: Self adhesive solvent anti-water type
carpet graphics vinyl
● Advantage
  1. R11 Anti-slip:Textured surface,High level Anti-slip.
  2. Anti-damaging:Fabric scrim backside is hard to destroy.
  3. Suitable for floor and carpet :It can be used for  interior floor, carpet and short-term outdoor floor.
  4. High tack:It can be pasted in many different surfaces.
  5. Removable adhesive:No adhesive leaving behind after removing.
  6. Direct printing, No need over-laminate :More convenient.
  7. B2 level fire resistant:More  safer.

● Technical datasheet:
The following is WK06 technical data-sheet for your reference.
Film Composition Anti-slip textured vinyl and fabric scrim
Color White
Surface Super-matt
Thickness 400 micron
Anti-slip R11
Adhesive Adhesive Type Pressure sensitive, solvent
Removable ability Permanent/ Removable can be chosen
Liner Type Double PE coated silicone release paper.
Weight 140gsm Double.
Ink Solvent, ECO, Latex, UV
● Certifications
 short-term outdoor floor

● Shelf life:

2 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55% 

● Customer  service:

If you have more technical questions, please contact K2 sales team by your email, they will help you to connect with our engineers for the further services.

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