Transfer tape for vinyl

Transfer tape for vinyl is designed to move a finished cutting or graphics vinyl from any self adhesive vinyl sticker cut by the craft cutter. It is a kind of transparent transfer tape film.

FA03 transfer tape for vinyl is designed to move a finished cutting or graphics vinyl from any self adhesive vinyl sticker cut by the craft cutter. It is a kind of transparent transfer tape film, nature PE plastic, glossy surface, clear removable adhesive without a release paper.  
There are several types of transfer tape for vinyl on the world market, but there is a common problem. Either the adhesion is too high and it is difficult to remove the transfer tape during the process of transferring vinyl, or the viscosity is too low to stick, especially on the matte surface. Some products are good, but price is too expensive. FA03 perfectly solves these problems.
The so-called best transfer tape for vinyl is neither a product that is not easy to use, nor a product that is easy to use but expensive.  The best transfer tape for vinyl product is a product which is easy to use but affordable.
● Specification

Item No.



Film thickness



Cutting vinyl transfer tape roll


70±5 micron

No Liner

● Advantage 

✔ Applies quickly and easily, durable and stable

✔ Easily peel off without residue

✔ Good conformability to various surfaces

✔ High tack removable glue (middle tack and low tack available).Reduce stretching, wrinkling and air entrapment during hand application of the graphic.

transfer tape for vinyl


● Shelf life:

3 year in material’s original packaging, storage temperature of 15-22 deg C, relative humidity of 50~55%

Frequently asked questions
Is there a release liner for FA03 transfer tape for vinyl ?
No, it is no liner. It is the transfer tape roll. The usual length is 100 meters or 100yard.

Is this vinyl transfer tape a paper SAVor vinyl plastic?
It is not paper, and not vinyl. It is a soft nature PE plastic film.

Only glossy surface? Can it be matte surface?
Currently, our technology only support glossy.  If Matte surface is necessary, you can contact with our sales to get another vinyl type transfer tape roll which can be made to be matte.

 Is this product expensive? 
Because PE plastic, it is much cheaper than vinyl type or paper type. But performance is same.

Can it transfer glossy vinyl or matte vinyl?
Both glossy and matte can be transferred well.

Are you factory?
Yes, K2 is the manufacturer of self adhesive film products.

What about its quality? 
We have over forty quality management standards, and we are responsible for quality issues.

Is the package strong?
We use super imported AB corrugated boxes, which can withstand overweight pressure and ensure that the goods will not be damaged and damp during transportation

How to buy?
Contact with K2 sales team by email .  K2 team will give you feedback within 8 hours

More about K2
Producing Capacity
Although we are a professional manufacturer of large format self adhesive film and coating products, we are not a very big company. Our monthly capacity is 5 million meters per month. If you have the big project over our current capacity, we can quickly add production lines. Specialization and customization are our market positioning.

K2 believes that even if we have good intentions, but if we do not have a good research and development ability, we still can’t meet the special requirements of customers and can’t catch the new market opportunity, thus we won’t grow. Therefore, we not only set up our own R&D center, but also established good relations with several university research institutions and third-party cooperative companies. And we pushed into the market many new good products, for example, the Road sticker, the first Cast graphics vinyl, and the first printable mirror metallic film etc. We’d like to share our R&D ability with our customers to grow together.

Service ability
K2 believes that the product itself is a kind of service, but the product itself is not equal to the whole service. We believe that service is not just about sales man or sales department, but about all K2 team. So, choosing K2 is equal to choosing a team to serve you.